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Struggling to Understand the Reasons Why

I have always looked at the things human beings do to each other and wondered why.When you think about it, we are the most brutally violent creatures on Earth.No other species kills its own kind for sport.No other species brutalizes its own kind for the hell of it.No other species so openly discriminates against its own kind quite the way human beings do.It seems that animals commit these acts only when pushed into a “survival of the fittest,” “kill or be killed,” “attack or be attacked,” situation.While I am not speaking from a stand point of an authority on all things related to the animal kingdom, when you think about it all it begs the question, “Why do human beings do such horrible things?” When I think of the things that have been done to friends and family, and the things that have been done to me, I can’t do anything else but wonder why.It is in my nature to need to know why.I want an explanation.I want that absolute answer to the unanswerable questions…What the fuck did I do…