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What I Know for Sure

In this blog I have spoken about the issues I have faced in my past.  I have spoken about being molested by a complete asshole of a cousin when I was a child, being raped by an even bigger asshole of a now ex-boyfriend in 2000 and being raped again by the biggest asshole of them all, getting pregnant by him and miscarrying my son in 2012.  I have shared my pain, my life and my heart with you all.  Tonight, I am going to share something completely different.  Tonight, I am going to talk about the state of the world and what I know for sure in regards to my country, the things that are happening all over the world, and the things I can no longer stay quiet about. Tonight, I am just pissed off!  I don't have answers, but I do have a voice and I am not afraid to use it. What I have to say may not be popular, but I promised to share with you the good, the bad and the ugly, so here goes.

Over the last few weeks the world has seen one horrific tragedy after another: The bombing of a Rus…