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February 4, 2018

Since 2010 the days between February 3rd and February 8th are very difficult. February 3rd is my birthday, and the last true conversation I had with my dad before he died on February 8th.  That last conversation was the most amazing gift I could ever be given, but losing my dad was truly one of the hardest blows I've ever been dealt. Needless to say, my birthday is a tremendously bittersweet day.  The 5 days after I just try to get through as best I can and as painlessly as possible. This year has been very different though.  This year has been different because our hometown (American) Football team, my dad's favorite team, the Philadelphia Eagles were playing in the Super Bowl on February 4th.

In a house full of women who are more interested in movies, music and musical theatre, the lone man who wants to just sit on a Sunday and watch his favorite team play, what to us was the longest game ever (except golf, of course), generally gets relegated to the not so great TV in his …