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Maya Angelou

I sat at my desk and cried today as I heard the news that Maya Angelou had died today.  She was a hero of mine, an inspiration, and a survivor.  She was a woman of unapologetic strength, conviction and wisdom. Maya Angelou was, as her poem states, "a phenomenal woman."
For Christmas in 1993, my mom gave me a copy of Maya Angelou's book, Wouldn't Take Nothing from My Journey Now.  This was the door to the world of Maya Angelou opening for me.  It was the world of truly beautiful, awe inspiring, magnificent writing all at once making itself known to me.  I fell in love with her words. The fluidity of their expression and how they seemed to dance on the page was an inspiration to me. From that moment on, I began to truly appreciate the beauty and power of words.
In honor of Maya Angelou, I would like to share a poem she wrote that has meant a great deal to me, especially as I have been on this Journey.
Ms. Angelou, thank you for your strength and for showing me the po…