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Say Something

You may have noticed that the Journey has taken on a new look.  I have done away with the dark and have moved toward the light.  This was done symbolically, as I have made the decision to remove the toxic influences in my life.  This decision was not made quickly or lightly, but it was necessary in order to move forward with my journey.

There is a song out now by the band A Great Big World called "Say Something."  Here's the video courtesy of YouTube.

The first time I heard this song, I was in my car and I started to cry uncontrollably.  Thankfully someone else was driving the car at the time.  I felt like this song threw everything that I lost in my face - the baby, the person I was before the rape, the person I was trying to become, and the life I was planning to have.  I cried anytime I heard this song, yet I felt compelled to listen to it every time it came on the radio.  It is agonizingly beautiful to me.
The song came on the radio as I was driving to work one mor…

A New Way to Follow My Journey

What is this random link?  Why is there a blog post with this crazy fucking link?
Good questions!
A friend of mine, who writes a great blog called Lovely Linny Likes, introduced me to this site called  It is a place to find blogs to follow.  It seems pretty fantastic so far. So this random, crazy fucking link has a blog post so I can give my Journey a wider audience. All you have to do is go to and look up Journey of a Thousand Miles and follow me.

Thanks for following me!

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