The End of Radio Silence

I have been silent for the last few months, not because I didn't have anything to say, but because I couldn't find the words to properly articulate the crazy that has been happening all around me.
So much crazy has been going on, in fact, that I have fallen into one of my old habits of bottling things up and shutting down; hence the radio silence.

PTSD allows you a certain amount of crazy in your day to day surroundings before you break.  Over the last 7 months or so, I have reached my crazy threshold by 12:00 p.m. just by keeping up with the news. It seems like every single day I find myself thinking, "Oh, what the fuck did he do now?!" when I get a Breaking News alert. It is either something so horrible that he is eventually going to get us all killed, or it is something so hideous and offensive that I will be triggered for the next few hours at minimum.  So, as a survival mechanism, I have been trying to keep my issues boxed away in the attic of my brain so I can…

Dear Global Community

Dear Global Community,

The vast majority of us in the United States are watching what Donald Trump is saying, doing and tweeting with horror, disgust and utter disbelief.  We witnessed a 77-minute press conference, during which he lashed out at the news media for not writing nice things about him.  He doesn't want them to write or broadcast the truth.  He simply wants them to say he farts rainbows and burps puppy dogs!  His skin is so thin that he can't handle even the tiniest amount of criticism! At the time of this press conference I realized that it had been less than a month since he was inaugurated. Yes, you read that correctly.  It hadn't even been a month! As I watched the press conference, I was stunned and concerned. It was like watching someone have a psychotic break on live TV.

Global Community, we are with you and we hope you are with us.  The vast majority of us stand against the insanity that is every piece of the Trump administration. We see that he is, qui…