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The Weight of Burdens

I have tried to write this post at least 5 times.

Before I started this blog I decided that I wanted to make my story and Journey public because I was hoping to help someone else.  I promised to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of my Journey.  For the last 2 years I have been keeping a secret from everyone in my life, including all of you. 2 years is too long to remain silent yet again.  I don't want to carry this any longer.

When your love life, more like the total disaster of your love life, complete with its myriad losers, assholes and total mother fuckers, becomes the punchline of your life it is very difficult to admit that it happened again.  How could it have happenedagain?  How could I have chosen so wrong again?  How could I have been so stupid, weak and unable to fight back? How could I have (fill in the blank about how incredibly stupid I was)? Now is the time to start forgiving myself.  Now is the time to start loving myself the way that I love everyone else...t…