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Every year around this time the same thing happens.  My brain replays every moment of the few weeks leading up to my dad’s death on February 8, 2010.  It replays everything I did, everything I felt, everything I thought about.  I relive it all like a vicious movie that is on constant replay from the beginning of January through February of every single year.  This year, though, seems a bit harder to handle because of the Olympics. My dad loved watching the Olympics.  He would cheer for the most obscure person who is probably really famous is his/her home country, but someone we have never heard of…like the 1992 and 1994 Winter Olympics and Tomba.  Alberto Tomba was a cocky Italian Alpine skiing champion.  He competed in the giant slalom and slalom in 1992, winning the gold and silver respectively, and the slalom in 1994 winning the silver. My dad became playfully obsessed with him.  During each run Tomba would finish, the chant of “Tomba! Tomba! Tomba!” could be heard throughout the …