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The Trump Effect

Over the last few weeks I have been watching the worst of humanity come out of my country's shadows, emboldened by a Trump victory.  Hate crimes in this country have risen to epic proportions in the few short weeks since the election.  The white nationalists, neo-Nazis and the KKK have declared that Trump's the President that gives them legitimacy.  Sadly, they are right.  Instead of denouncing these deplorable groups, by name, in the strongest terms possible Trump has taken to Twitter to denounce the cast of "Hamilton" for a respectable message to Mike Pence. Before that it was the protestors who became the focus of his rage.  Trump is not a man, he is a child who wants to sit at the grown-ups table, yet he has no idea how to use a fork and knife yet!  He throws temper tantrums that would be funny if they weren't so pathetic.  He even uses his surrogates to issue stern warnings to anyone who may speak out against him (Bring it on, Trump!).  This is the person w…

Postmortem - An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

You won the election.  Congratulations.

I would like to let you know upfront that I did not vote for you. I do not agree with you. In fact, I generally dislike you. These things are rights afforded to me by the Constitution of the United States. I cherish my 1st Amendment rights just as much, if not more so, than your supporters cherish their 2nd Amendment rights.  Over the next 4 years, I will exercise my 1st Amendment rights at every possible opportunity.

During the course of your campaign you made extremely hyperbolic claims about yourself, your wealth, your intelligence, even your genitalia (something that was a true low point for American politics).  You blatantly lied at every single press conference and rally.  Your lies were to the point that no one really knows if there was anything truthful that came out of your mouth during the last 18 months.  Sure, your constituents bought it hook, line and sinker, but the rest of us saw through your lies.  When we calle…