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Two weeks ago, I turned 36 years old. That means 40 is fast approaching. I have spent a lot of the last few years allowing fear dictate my life.  I have let my past rule my present. I decided that I have given enough of my life to allowing crappy people, and the things they did to me, keep me in a dark place. I can't allow myself to remain in a place of constant sadness because of the pieces of myself that I have lost.  I have come to the understanding that the remainder of my life is worth fighting for again. I need to embrace it instead of fear it.  I need to live it like my son is watching.  If I am ever going to do something, then now is the time. So, here's to saving for photography trips (Alaska, Iceland and the UK, I am looking at you!), venturing out into the world, and being unapologetic for being myself! Here's to drinking more wine, eating more chocolate and loving my body, curvy imperfections and all! Here's to fighting for the life I was meant to live and …