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Hi all,
I've been silent in recent weeks for a few reasons. In December, I was focusing my energy on getting through the holidays. Since my Dad died they have been tough, but that difficulty was compounded by the knowledge that this would have been my baby's first Christmas if I didn't miscarry. I have taken the homework Bonita gave me very seriously and I have been working on a letter to the baby. It is a work in progress, but something I will share when it is complete.
By Christmas day I was at a very low point, crying a lot and just allowing myself to feel the grief and sorrow that goes along with the loss of losing a pregnancy. While my Mom and I were in a cooking frenzy preparing Christmas dinner for the family, my cousin Marianne (Marianne, our cousin Anne Margaret and I are within 6 months of each other in age and grew up as close as sisters) called to let us know that she and her husband, Bob, will be adding to our wonderful family in the summer when they welcome…