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Dearly Beloved

The world is full of talented people, artists whose talent resonates with people around the world. Their art touches you in ways you never knew a work of art could.  It speaks to depths of your soul. It makes your heart beat along with its melody.  Its colors explode into your spirit, ricocheting off each surface within you in an overwhelming and violent collision of beauty that fills you up completely. Such is the power of the art Prince created.
Prince turned a chord into poetry.  He made exquisite art each time he picked up a guitar, sat down at the piano, or picked up one of the other 20+ instruments he knew and started to play.  He was a genius in the purest sense of the word. He created the most extraordinary music and was happy to share it all with his fans.  
Prince was not the typical celebrity. He didn't need the spotlight to make him happy.  He wasn't obsessed with self promotion.  Even when he played the Super Bowl Halftime Show, the ultimate performance on the bigg…