The Rocky Road

The last few weeks have been difficult, to say the very least.  I had an intense session with Bonita on the evening of November 6, 2013 during which we began to deal with the miscarriage. The work became so emotionally overwhelming that I needed to stop.  I left the session feeling completely drained and wiped out. During our session, Bonita gave me some homework...write a letter to the baby I lost.  She thinks it will help me process it all and allow me to stop internalizing the grief.  I think she is absolutely right.  That letter is currently a work in progress.
I woke up the next morning to find out a friend of mine, Melissa Morroney, was on life support following a suicide attempt. The week that followed was a bit of a blur and on November 13, 2013 Melissa was taken off life support after showing no brain activity.
I knew Melissa in high school.  She was wicked smart and a crazy talented artist.  She was also one of the kindest, most compassionate and truly genuine people I have ever met. She didn't care who you were, what high school clique you were in, if you were considered cool or not.  She only saw you for the person you were.  Melissa was the type of person who brought out the best in everyone around her. She made you want to be a better person. Her heart was the size of the moon and she truly cared about everyone she met. Melissa and I lost touch after high school and reconnected over Facebook a few months before she died.  I am grateful we reconnected, but I wish we had never lost touch.
Melissa's huge heart brought together so many groups of people who knew nothing or, at the most, very little about each other before this.  We have all rallied around each other to become our own support system. I have been privileged to get to know these wonderful people and am so proud to call them friends.  This is Melissa's last gift to us.  She gave us each other.