Four years ago, while I was on a trip to Rome, Italy with my mom, I fell in love with photography. With my little Polaroid digital camera and our Kodak Easy Share Z980 Camera, I managed to take some truly incredible photos...4 years later I still can't believe some of them, especially since it was the first time using the Kodak camera. Since then I have taken photographed everything from flowers in our garden and snow falling in our neighborhood to a 40th high school class reunion, acted as the unofficial photographer for two weddings - meaning I took my own pictures while the professional photographers did their thing - and took pregnancy photos for my amazing cousin, who is one of the bravest, most inspiring people in my life.

Over the last four years photography has become my creative outlet.  It is therapeutic for me.  If I have a terrible day at work, or in life, I have always been able to come home, grab my camera and create something beautiful...soul art, if you will.  I call it soul art because I truly feel like my soul is in the finished product.  With that, SoulArtPhotography was born!  I have set up a shop on to (hopefully) sell some of my photos.  So far I have some of the best flower shots up, but more are being added.  So if you have a minute, check out SoulArtPhotography and if you feel so inclined buy a print.  If you would like to buy a print, and you live in a country other than the United States, please message me via the SoulArtPhotography store and I will let you know about the shipping costs. Whether you buy a print, or just take a peek, I hope you find happiness, peace and beauty in the photos, as well as the view you get into my soul, and tell your friends.