She Dies at the End

I don't normally recommend books for people to read.  Truth be told, I don't make many recommendations at all.  However, I MUST make a recommendation about this.
A book is available on by new author A.M. Manay.
The book, She Dies at the End, brings readers the very best of the vampire and faerie genre,..and I am generally not a fan.  Here is the review I wrote on

OK I'll admit it - I am not a vampire genre fan. When I first heard the premise of A.M. Manay's debut novel, She Dies at the End, I immediately thought, "Oh great! Just what the world needs, another book involving vampires!" So if you are looking for the typical Twilight style vampire genre book, this is not the book for you. Here's why: This book is anything but typical! A.M. Manay takes the genre and flips it around, pulls it inside out and turns it into something remarkable, imaginative and captivating. By the time I was done reading the first page, I was hooked; I had to know what happened next!
The plot is complex, but concise in its storytelling. With each turn, Manay easily sets the scene with exquisite imagery, allowing readers to see, touch, taste and hear everything that the heroine experiences. We get to experience her life, in all of its complexities, on a truly visceral level. This is something many first time authors attempt, but only a precious few succeed. A.M. Manay is one of the few who succeed.
If you are new to the world of vampires, faeries and the complicated world in which they inhabit, She Dies at the End is, in this reader's humble opinion, the best book to get you started. If you are a vampire and faerie enthusiast, you MUST read this book! If you are like me and are not a vampire fan, this is the book that is capable of changing your mind and getting you hooked. As for me, I can't wait to read book 2!

If you are interested in reading this fantastic book, here is the link to it on  Happy reading!
She Dies at the End - link