Ringing in a New Year!

While I realize that a large part of the world has already rung in 2016, I want to take this opportunity wish everyone a very happy 2016!

My new year's wishes for the world is that 2016 brings about a more accepting, inclusive, compassionate,safe, loving and peaceful society than we have seen this past year.

  • May every refugee find a safe country to call home and rebuild their lives.  
  • May every woman find her rights upheld, see those who have committed crimes against her prosecuted and find equality in all aspects of her life...especially in regards to equal pay and paid maternity leave.  
  • May Lady Justice (I'm talking to you, USA) put her blindfold back on so that all people are treated equally in the eyes of her system.  
  • May cities across the world, but especially in the USA (Yep, I'm calling you out again!), root out the bad cops among law enforcement and recruit only the best men and women to serve as police officers.  There needs to be change in a system that stand by as men, women, and even children are gunned down with brutal and excessive force (LaQuan McDonald ring a bell?) because of a perceived threat and the color of their skin.  We have seen too much devastation in this country because a bad cop will unload the full clip of his gun into someone before asking questions, trying to verbally de-escalate or reaching for his/her taser to subdue a suspect.  This needs to change in 2016!  
  • May the United States Congressional leadership finally realize that they have zero rights to dictate my gynecological health. The US Supreme Court has long ago ruled on Roe v. Wade and, sorry crazy people, but abortions are legal in this country. If you object to abortion don't have one.  Just because something offends your delicate sensibilities doesn't mean that other women shouldn't be able to decide if it is the right choice for them. 
  • May hatred of a group of people because of their religion turn to love of those same people if for no other reason than they are our fellow human beings.
  • May we all find whatever it is that is lacking in our lives: Joy, peace, forgiveness, healing, love, etc.
  • And finally, may we all remember that we are all in this together, so we might as well work together to create a better global community for everyone. 
Happy New Year!