28 Days Left until Election Day 2016 (Also known as The Countdown to Either a Great Day in Our History or the End of the World as We Know It)

If you live outside of the United States, and are paying any attention to our Presidential election campaigns, you may be thinking, "What the fuck is wrong with them over there?" or "They aren't really going to elect Donald Trump, are they?"  You may be looking in on us and feel terrified that Donald Trump, an intentionally tangerine colored man with an IQ lower than that of an amoeba, may be close to having the nuclear codes. You may listen to Trump and think, "Wow! He can't tell the truth to save his soul.  He can't take any kind of criticism. He acts like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum from hell.  He brags about the ways in which he sexually assaults women.  He conveniently has a selective memory when it comes to his own words or actions even when there is documentation that he said/did these things. Dear God, those crazy Americans can't be that crazy!"

I would like to assure anyone who is reading this that we, the Americans who know that a Donald Trump presidency would be tantamount to setting off every single nuclear weapon the USA has in its arsenal all at the same time,  are working very hard to make sure he is not elected.  We know he is not qualified to have a paper route, let alone to be our President.  We know he is erratic at best, and at worst a toddler who has lost his mind while having a temper tantrum that has turned him into a complete fucking maniac and is now in desperate need of a time out/a nap/a pacifier/a lobotomy (please take your pick).   We know that he has brought out the very worst of the American populous. We, unfortunately, see them become more emboldened each day.  We agree with Secretary Clinton when she said that this despicable fringe element of our society belong in a basket of deplorables. These people that she was talking about are known here as the "alt-right" and are the racists, Islamophobics, xenophobics, homophobics, transphobics and the ultra religious right who wants women's rights to go back to the 1950s. They are just about every group that makes up the Southern Poverty Law Center's HateWatch Map.  These are the "deplorables" that she was speaking about.

The majority of Americans are inclusive, welcoming, and are generally good human beings.  We don't want Trump.  We don't want his wall.  We don't think the way he does.  We don't want to ban Muslims from entering the United States.  We don't think that describing in detail how he sexually assaulted women is simply "locker room banter."  We don't want to shove our beliefs down your throat. We want to help refugees.  We want to get along with other nations because we know that we are all in this together.  We don't want this pathetic excuse of a man to speak for this nation and we are doing everything we legally can to make sure we elect Secretary Clinton.  If we should lose in this election, if god forbid Donald Trump is elected, please be understanding, kind and welcoming to us, because a great many of us may be moving to places you live, like Canada, Ireland, and any other nation with a fairly easy immigration policy, rather than living under a Trump dictatorship.